The Game of Seek

By Priyanshu Sharma

This weekend I saw a fabulous movie “The Adjustment Bureau”, a movie of the year 2011, written by George Nolfi. The description by IMDB goes somewhat this way, “The affair between a politician and a contemporary dancer is affected by mysterious forces keeping the lovers apart.”

After giving a thought on what I have invested my time on, I realized that somehow I got the answers to many of my questions, it was a hit in my brain, of what I was dealing this long, my mid-age crisis, struggling to find my own survival, my own identity, it was like showing a mirror to me after a long time. The image reflected in my mind by this mirror was of reality, truth and of a critic. However far I run from the answer, it will run behind me, till I accept that it is the answer I am seeking. They say “What you seek is seeking you”, so I found the answer, I won’t say complete but yes the clouds were sorted to a much clear sky now.

The chase David Norris (politician) did all his life to be a U.S. Senate gave him a fire to follow and run towards his dream or aim, he even had a perfect plan for its execution, which kept him busy all throughout his age. But at the end when he meets Elise Sellas (contemporary dancer), he falls for her and realizes that what he wants in his life is a true and sincere human emotion besides him and not just fame or success or woo of this world. The next question which popped my mind was, do the race I am in, is really worth it? The Before- After that I felt was something like this, initially I always fought about the life I am in now, the struggle was heavy on me, sometimes it was truly controlling, a generic feeling which people of my age experience. The struggle to find the answer of many ‘Why’s’ in life, it strikes my mind after watching that even to seek the answer I need to walk be it any direction, be it of desire or not.

You find when you seek. Period.

But what if the question itself is unknown, if it isn’t clear, in this age of running rat race, huge technological ends, which apparently seem to shorten our gaps in life, as actually creating a pit hole, small at surface but dark and deep vertically, where only a light if hope can seep in. I just realized that if we divide the human race into two categories of Believers – the one who believes it is pre-destined or the one it is us who creates it, then who amongst them is going to win. After watching the movie, the thought that ran through my mind was, it is all about the choices I had made, have made and will make.

As a human, the only power I have is – to choose. To choose my actions, dreams, goals, methods, techniques, behaviors, believes, people and path, it is like two worlds already decided in the flowchart we have studied or even draw on our paper, what Destiny or God or Universe (whichever thing you put your faith in) does is to just draw further lines into your life’s flowchart based on your choices. This endless flowchart of whether this or that, is what is life all about.

So even to sort the answers you have to walk, do or perform. David was merely moving on the flowchart decided by his choices, and the deviation from the plan was creating the ripples, commonly known as the butterfly effect. You never know the effect of your choices on others, because that isn’t you. The ripples of this decision and attitude of never quit – changed the final decision of the chairman and he found his true happiness. The day we stop the hunt, the flowchart stops and then you face the END, the movement of lines end, there is no one who would come and draw a line for you. David had his own fight, fight to know his answers, the risk-taking ability- the courage to leave it all for his dear humanly feeling. The belief that he had in his feeling took him long in the way in his flowchart, which made me realize that while walking on the path of life, your dreams, goals, and aim may change situational-ly, but still have believe on yourself to walk, to run, to slow down, to rest, to see the stars, to see the plants around us. In the course of achieving the things we seek, don’t forget to live the lines you have just drawn, turn back and see how you can connect the dots and you will get the answers of your questions. Your belief will leave signs around you (to the people who does not get the word ‘sign’, replace it with ‘opportunities), and your calm and synchronized mind will recognize them.  In nutshell, while wobbling around the questions, draw inspiration around you and the calm you will be welcomed by the answers. The completion of this flowchart is in your hand, the way it shall be completed is also in your hand. The only thing is… “All I have are the choices that I make…”