Meet Our Advisor – Dr. Sunil Kumar Jangir

Dr. Sunil Kumar Jangir is having 11 years of teaching experience in the field of Computer science & Engineering. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor(Senior) at Mody University of Science & Technology. He has also served as HoD( Head of Department) of IT Department at Jaipur Engineering College and Research Center. He has published more than 20 research papers in national and international conferences and journals. Dr.Jangir serves as a convener of 1st and 2nd ICITDA, 1st- NCITSA and convener of JECRC Hackathon 1.0. The main area of his research interest includes Computer Networks, Machine learning, Deep learning as well as routing protocols for ad- hoc networks. Currently, he is working in the area of IoT.

Right set of Guidance to Budding Startups

Dr. Sunil Kumar Jangir has provided his immense knowledge and expertise opinions in various fields and departments for the budding startups to grow significantly. While many ideas keep evolving among the students and entrepreneurs, but Dr. Sunil Kumar Jangir shows the right path to the launchpad that can bring their ideas into a reality. He follows the most simplistic yet efficient approach among the budding enthusiasts where his motivation, resources & expertise are always available to these budding startups. Whether it is the inital phase of an initiative taken up, or whether it is about taking the established platform to the next level, his guidance has helped several startups grow significantly.

Coding Based Environment

The most relevant knowledge gap we see among today’s institutes is the proper knowledge on core topics like Programming, Data Structures, Algorithms, Competitive Programming. Dr. Sunil Kumar Jangir has come up with setting up coding based environments in all the computer labs of insitutions. He has made various students of three-tier colleges sign up on competitive programming platforms like Hackerearth, Hackerrank, Leetcode, Codechef and many more. This coding based environment has brought out significant changes in the approaches followed by students in problem solving. Also it has helped many students excel in their placement activities.


Dr. Sunil Kumar Jangir always believes in learning by doing. Theoritical knowledge doesn’t make you stand out on industrial levels. For proving your mettle, you need to showcase your worth by your work, and not by your thoughts. Keeping the same as priority, he has launched several Hackathon competitions which brings an overall development to all the dimensions in the students growth. JECRC Hackathon, IT Hackathon have proved to bring out the best in students where the ideation, development and the growth phase of their ideas have been significantly taken up through these initiatives. Hackathons helped students develop efficient product in the least and limited amount of time.

Outcome Based Education

Taking important steps like prioritizing the modular ways of teaching and abiding by the relevant rules and guidelines given by our educational boards, Dr. Sunil Kumar Jangir has inherited the concept of Outcome Based Education where the intent of teaching a topic is pre-decided and the expected outcomes are discussed before initiating the topic. These are then compared with the actual outcomes that were achieved after the completion of a topic. This helps assuring that each and every single student is learning and implementing the skills in the right set of direction. Outcome Based Education improved the marks as well as learning capability among the students.

Motivation & Counselling

Most of the times, if students are dealing with problems, they do not try to approach someone to discuss who can provide them the guidance on the same. Be it growth problems in a startup, being clueless on taking the next steps, students dealing with their problems, or any of the issues, he stands out as a personal friend and takes proper counselling which helps students relieve the stress and take appropriate steps to grow out of their problems. His counselling has helped several students decide their goals and work hard & smart on the same. Motivation is one of his finest qualities that never let a single student be demoralized on his/her life prospects. What makes him different is the fact that, he makes himself approachable and guide you on what is the best for you. We as a team have significantly improved ourselves in all of our aspects because of his presence and motivation. We are proudly here because of him.