Just for a change

By Priyanshu Sharma

Today is a big day to live, try some small things today just for a change ..

20 small things to do today for a change

1. Read a paperback book, instead of kindle book.

2. Walk barefoot on grass, instead on concrete floor.

3.Sing a song aloud, instead of just listening.

4. Admire yourself in front of a full length mirror, instead of your car’s back-view mirror.

5. Try wearing a different color dress, instead of same wardrobe colors.

6. Give a honest compliment to someone, instead of just waiting for one.

7. Listen other person story, instead of just telling yours.

8. Be patient for things, instead of just rushing around.

9. Talk to yourself, instead of talking to your group.

10. Have your coffee in balcony ,instead sitting on your cubical.

11. Do an activity that gives you pleasure, instead of monotonous day

12. Visit a museum nearby and see what actually has changed, instead of news app.

13. Go to nearest park for a walk, instead of watching movie or game.

14. Just believe that it will happen, instead pushing it away by negativity.

15. Give a hug or call your parents, instead thinking you are very busy to do so.

16. Try to meditate today,without fighting to find its valve in current scenario.

17. Go grab a cycle and ride to your daily shops, instead of going in your luxurious car

18. Plant a tree, if not water a tree, instead of just blaming the pollution.

19 Smile to someone,give them a reason to think, instead of walking in your own world

20. Write a dairy about for today and make it memorable and remembered.

Today is a big day to live . The joy of today sometimes lie in doing things that never add monetary value to the life but introduce the more calmer and positive you.  Don’t push yourself hard, praise yourself for good things in you. If you have a hole in your life, let the light travel into you and glow you up. You are a shining flower, a winner, rider, climber,fighter, ruler, chariot of your life. Live it and praise it !


***CARPE DIEM*** Live in Today